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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion - ChannelAdvisor

One Team, One Future

ChannelAdvisor’s mission is to connect and optimize the world’s commerce. That means the whole world. So we’re determined to build a culture where everyone can thrive, no matter what we look like, where we’re from, how we grew up, who we love, the nature of our faith, or how our bodies or minds work. We’re committed to achieving equity in treatment and opportunity for everyone, because each of us is part of the One Team that is ChannelAdvisor.

We know this is an ongoing responsibility. We know it takes action, not just good intentions. When we celebrate our differences and value every individual for who they are, that’s when our many people can make one strong whole. This isn’t a box to tick and call it done. It’s an ongoing journey towards a world of unity in diversity, and we will continue to push forward, as One Team, into the future we want to build.


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Our Inaugural Diversity Annual Report

Accountability is one of ChannelAdvisor’s core values. One way we hold ourselves accountable to our commitment to DE&I is by setting goals, and reviewing our progress annually. We’re proud to publish our first annual diversity report, highlighting progress made in 2021 and the path forward for 2022 toward nurturing our inclusive and meritocratic culture. It is this culture that we believe makes ChannelAdvisor such a great place to grow your career and do business.

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2022 DE&I Goals

In 2022 our focus is to drive results that include the following:

  • Unconscious bias training for new hires within their first six months.
  • Annual refresher training for all people leaders, including executives.
  • Nurture the growth of our existing seven employee resource groups and support the addition of new ones.
  • Continue to foster our relationships with a wider variety of colleges and universities, including HBCUs.
  • Improve diversity of our employees at all levels.
  • Expand our diversity vendors and grow diversity spend.
  • Advocate for policy change relevant to our employees and our business.
  • Publish our second annual DE&I report.

Employee Resource Groups

ERGs are voluntary, employee-led groups whose aim is to support the goals and objectives of the ChannelAdvisor DE&I Task Force and enhance the professional and leadership development of ChannelAdvisor employees. ERGs build camaraderie around shared identities and values, and provide ChannelAdvisors opportunities to showcase leadership skills regardless of seniority or managerial status.

Alliance of Black Leaders for Excellence logo

The Alliance of Black Leaders for Excellence (ABLE) is a global group of employees who identify as African, African American, Black or of African descent. Through social engagement programs, career networking, professional development, mentoring, and leadership training opportunities, ABLE strives to support ChannelAdvisor’s efforts to improve diversity in the technology industry.

CACHE logo

ChannelAdvisor Collaborative Hispanic ERG (CACHE) aims to foster a culture of curiosity and professional development where all ChannelAdvisor employees can broaden their knowledge and understanding of Hispanic culture, heritage and traditions, and join together to grow the diversity of our ChannelAdvisor team.

Working Parents logo
Eat. Work. Parent. Repeat.

The mission of the Working Parents ERG is to build a network of parents and allies to share experiences, ideas, and support each other through regular meetings and activities; in addition to invoking lasting change to enhance the work-life balance for working parents at ChannelAdvisor.

NeuroDiversityWorks logo

NeuroDiversityWorks aims to create a more inclusive workplace at ChannelAdvisor by raising awareness of neurodiversity, creating a supportive network for employees and their allies, and advocating for company-wide best practices that empower our neurodiverse workforce.

Women Lead logo

#WomenLead strives to inspire and build confidence in women employees and their allies by providing personal and professional growth opportunities. The group seeks to empower women at ChannelAdvisor by encouraging them to chart their own course for success and development through mentorship, networking and training opportunities, meaningful discussions, relevant programming, and more.

Prism logo

Prism is a global community of ChannelAdvisor employees united by a common goal: to foster a culture of equity and inclusion for LGBTQ+ identified individuals and their allies, and to embrace our differences as strengths so that each of us has equal opportunity to contribute to our fullest potential and grow professionally.

Mélange logo

The mission of Mélange is to connect, share and celebrate the diverse, inclusive culture at ChannelAdvisor, and create awareness, acceptance and understanding from an ethnic and cultural viewpoint.

InspirAsian logo

InspirAsian will provide a safe and supportive space for ChannelAdvisors of Asian & Pacific Islander (API) heritage and identity. InspirAsian will raise awareness and provide education about issues specific to the API community. We welcome allies who will support our mission.

Employee Spotlights

Changing Commerce. Changing Lives.

At ChannelAdvisor, we believe the work we do changes people’s lives. Our core values of integrity, accountability, collaboration, persistence, curiosity, and passion drive us towards this goal every day.


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