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ChannelAdvisor Brand Analytics Tools - ChannelAdvisor

Grow sales, protect your brand’s reputation and manage your digital shelf presence.

As a brand selling online through a network of retailers, it’s easy to feel that your products’ performance is beyond your control. ChannelAdvisor Brand Analytics provides a suite of tools for all levels of your organization to manage online retailers with performance in mind.

Check that your products are on sale where they should be (and only there)

Assortment and Availability

  • Monitor product availability across your online channels to ensure that your retail partners are distributing the negotiated assortment and that exclusivities are respected
  • Protect sales by quickly identifying low-stock or critical out-of-stock situations for top-selling products
  • Monitor the Buy Box and receive notifications when you lose it
  • Address the grey market by identifying unauthorized sellers of your products
  • Identify new distribution opportunities based on competitive assortments and find untapped category subsegments


Understand the pricing dynamics at play in your e-retail network

Price and Promotions

  • Track product prices for both your brand and competitors, giving you insights into pricing trends and positioning
  • Identify the source of major price movements, including which channel partners are leaders and which are followers
  • Use price history data from previous product launches to help forecast sales and support your negotiations with channel partners
  • Quickly identify potential pricing mistakes so that they can be addressed
  • Monitor retail channel promotions to ensure that they are executed as agreed


Make sure your customers can find your products anywhere they’re on sale

Search and the Digital Shelf

  • Measure your share of search results on e-commerce sites to identify opportunities for content or advertising improvements
  • Optimise your product pages based on an understanding of the keywords that drive results
  • Discover advertising opportunities based on organic performance
  • Monitor your share of brand over time to counter competitors’ strategies
  • Understand the advertising environment by determining which keywords your competitors are sponsoring, as well as monitoring your own sponsored campaigns


Show your brand at its best, on every site and every page, with content and reviews

Content and Reviews

  • Monitor content compliance across your network of retail channels
  • Monitor, read and address reviews at scale
  • Increase conversion rates by identifying product pages with too little content or too few reviews to convince uncertain buyers
  • Benchmark product page performance against your competitors


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