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Product Feed Management - ChannelAdvisor

Optimised Data at Scale

ChannelAdvisor Product Feed Management allows you to transform your product data to automatically meet the requirements of merchandising, marketing, and advertising platforms. We collect your product data once, then optimise it for every destination.

Enable the transformation, optimisation, and delivery of your product data for digital marketing and merchandising programs — at scale

Product Data Synchronisation

  • Stay ahead of unique and rapidly changing content requirements across channels
  • Reduce the workload by managing a single product data stream
  • Reach more destinations in less time, with less effort

Data Feeds to Power Advertising Campaigns

  • Alleviate the strain on your technical resources with our automated feed delivery
  • Send clean, error-free product feeds across search, shopping, social and retail media sites
  • Increase the likelihood of conversion on Google and Facebook by automatically A/B testing product content for performance

Looking for additional advertising help? Let our team of e-commerce experts manage all of your digital marketing needs.

Optimise and Map Product Content to Retail Partners

Retail Content Management

  • Save time in product onboarding by maintaining data compliance with all of your retail partner product templates
  • Easily monitor incoming and outgoing product data for faster error resolution
  • Learn more about how Retail Content Management can help your brand