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Commerce Network - E-commerce Network | ChannelAdvisor

Want to discover new channels and connect with more consumers?

ChannelAdvisor Commerce Network is an interactive portal built for sellers and marketplaces to easily find and connect with one another. Create a customized seller profile and choose how much information you’d like to share to promote and connect your brand with new channels.*

Commerce Network is a complimentary offering that helps you:

  • Generate awareness and promote your products to attract interest from top channels
  • Explore marketplace expansion opportunities by allowing you to browse and research a marketplace’s selling categories, fees, FAQ’s, marketing content, and contact details
  • Initiate engagement with channels and respond to channel invitations

Once you’ve connected with a channel, Commerce Network provides the communication and automated workflow to seamlessly assist the new relationship.

Get Started on Your Profile

*Requires Channel Management permission within the ChannelAdvisor platform