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Retail Media Solutions | ChannelAdvisor

Connect Your Products with Consumers Where They Shop

ChannelAdvisor Retail Media gives you more control to create, monitor and manage all of your marketplace and retail site advertising from within a single interface.

ChannelAdvisor Retail Media helps you improve visibility and gain a competitive advantage on Amazon, Walmart, eBay and more.

Cross-Channel Management

  • Leverage your product and sales data from your marketplace listings to improve your advertising campaigns
  • Get up and running faster by replicating existing advertising campaigns in bulk
  • Streamline campaign management across all advertising channels in the same interface

Campaign Automation and Scheduling

  • Save time by setting filters to automatically add products to your campaigns or pause products that no longer fit your specifications
  • Improve profitability by creating rules that will automatically adjust bids for targets based on profitability and traffic goals
  • Easily identify high-performing queries and promote them to biddable keywords for your campaigns
  • Spend smarter by automatically activating campaigns during hours or days when buyers convert and pausing when they don’t

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