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Shoppable Social Media to Improve Customer Experience | ChannelAdvisor

Make your digital touchpoints shoppable

As a branded manufacturer, if you don’t provide motivated consumers with a clear path to purchase, you’ll likely lose them. ChannelAdvisor Shoppable Media makes your brand website and digital campaigns shoppable by providing a seamless and dynamic connection to your preferred retailers.

“The ChannelAdvisor Shoppable Media tools are a natural step for us to help make life a little easier for consumers as they research and purchase our home cleaning products online.”
– Fiona Odumosu, Senior Digital Marketing Manager at O’Cedar®

Our Where to Buy solutions help make your brand site actionable

ChannelAdvisor Buy Online

  • Connect well-informed, ready-to-buy shoppers directly to your products on retailer websites
  • Provide a better overall shopping experience by giving consumers more buying options

ChannelAdvisor Buy Local

  • Allow consumers to quickly find your products at brick-and-mortar stores close to them
  • Track and provide product availability to consumers at the local store level

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Let our media solutions transform your digital marketing campaigns into shoppable experiences

ChannelAdvisor Dynamic Shopping Links

  • Create a one-click path to purchase for your digital marketing campaigns with the ability to dynamically promote in-stock products
  • Automatically link your digital campaigns to backup products, bundles, or alternate retailers

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ChannelAdvisor Buy Now Interstitial

  • Allow interested consumers to select a preferred retailer from within an on-brand interstitial experience that is displayed following interaction with your digital campaign
  • Leverage our on-demand capabilities to accelerate the time to market
  • Increase opportunities for conversion by only displaying the retailers where the product is in-stock

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Gain the insights you need to make informed decisions

Shoppable Media Analytics Console

  • Quickly access performance data for all of your campaigns in a single dashboard
  • Personalize reporting with customized charts and saved views
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your multichannel retail performance with our powerful Brand Analytics capabilities