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As the e-commerce industry advances, so does ChannelAdvisor. No matter where the latest trends take you, you can count on ChannelAdvisor to help you market, sell and fulfill in ways that meet all the latest demands and keep you ahead of the competition.

We’re continually revisiting the biggest advantages of our comprehensive platform and making them even better. From tools that help ensure greater returns on ad spend to features that’ll keep you competitive on marketplaces, we’re building new ways to help you connect with customers, optimize operations and grow sales channels.

Here are the latest enhancements:

Amazon Advertising Support for First-Party Sellers

ChannelAdvisor’s integration digs deep into the inner workings of Amazon’s API — so you don’t have to. The digital marketing experts at ChannelAdvisor can use this added functionality to manage and track ads, create custom date range reports and make bulk changes to bids and keywords — advantages that will give you a bigger edge over the competition.


Retail Content Management

Say “goodbye” to cumbersome feeds and costly product information management systems and “hello” to a faster, more accurate way to meet retailers’ requirements. Create, store, map and update product information to templates with both precision and speed — and keep content consistent everywhere your products are sold.


Profitability Reporting

With Profitability Reporting, available data is automatically assembled into detailed reports and made ready for review. You can get at-a-glance estimates on how products are performing, and which marketplaces are winning and losing dollars.


Demand Forecaster

Performance-Based Pricing

ChannelAdvisor’s Performance-Based Pricing lets you use business rules to create dynamic product prices that are automatically adjusted based on sales performance. Once set up, these rules automate the process of monitoring real-time inventory and performance metrics, and adjust prices accordingly.


Shipping Management Suite

ChannelAdvisor’s Shipping Management Suite provides deep integration into marketplaces and keeps you connected to shipping partners like UPS, FedEx, Pitney Bowes, USPS and Amazon Seller-Fulfilled Prime. You can pick, pack, ship and get orders out for delivery faster and more affordably than ever.


First-Party Order Support

ChannelAdvisor offers first-party vendors a full suite of features designed to simplify wholesale and drop-ship orders. Whether you’re struggling with inventory management, purchase order maintenance, shipment notifications or invoicing, we can help you leverage the power of automation to take back time wasted on manual tasks.


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